The Somewhat Moderate Manifesto
The Republican Tax Proposal: 2-1=3

"It’s not a revenue problem, it’s a spending problem."  If you follow politics and haven’t familiarized yourself with that god-awful phrase, then you’ve been watching the news with the mute function on and the closed-captions off.  You probably don’t have hypertension either.  You’ve seen John Boener (R-eally orange) talk about how we need to reign in the deficit with tax cuts alone and how everything will work out fine.  You’ve seen the ever-photogenic Paul Ryan talk about how by cutting taxes to unreasonable lows, it will bring unemployment down to beyond historic lows and increase revenue.  It’s supply side economics, and here’s how it’s supposed to work.

The optimum tax rates are determined by several factors such as greed and available work.  The optimal tax rate is found on a graphical curve called the Laffer Curve, which will find the optimal tax rate and blammo! We’ve increased revenue by decreasing taxes.  There’s more money to be had, more goods to be produced, and best of all, less government on our backs.  We take less of a percentage but there is more revenue to be taken!  It’s brilliant, genius even!  Why has no one ever thought to put this in place?  Oh wait…fuckin’ republicans…

We have tried this.  We slashed income tax rates, decimated the effective corporate tax rate, and completely shot ourselves in the  foot.  Reagan, remember him?  I don’t, I was lucky enough to not be aware of the real world at that point.  He started putting it to use.  He slashed taxes, and tax revenues plummeted.  Basic mathematics proved itself to be more relevant than the Easter Bunny. Spending continued to rise.  As did the deficit.  George W.Bush also gave it a whack…ten years ago as of yesterday.  Revenue plummeted, spending skyrocketed, the deficit rose like voodoo revenue, and Americans around the nation dropped their heads and remembered what happened last time.

Beer two, and ACTION.  Yes, this is their plan.  Still.  This is what is required to generate revenue, basic math skills be damned.  I can’t help but speculate as to their true motives.  For nearly two generations their battle cry has been “less government!”.  You know what helps government shrink?  A lack of funds.  Starve the beast.  Money makes problems go away.  Do you know what Republicans have hated since Day One?  Medicare and Social Security.  What have they attempted to eliminate with “market solutions?” Medicare and Social Security. 

Lets call a spade a spade.  The Republican plan as stated to the American people is 2-1=3.  The real agenda can only be living up to their conservative credentials and moving us back to a pre-world war one society.  A society where direct taxes don’t exist for better or worse.  A society where saving for your future is a luxury.  A society where being able to afford health care when it’s needed most is a luxury.  A society where public education isn’t a joke…but an impossibility.  This is radical.  This is a drastic veer right from where we are today.   I don’t want it, and according to polls, neither do most Americans.  Wake up and join the 21st century, reds.

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